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est-ce la zik ou les problèmes,
les problèmes ou bien la musique?


From the little-known Vikings edition of Frozen. [x]

why liam payne is actually a real life angel


a masterpost that essentially shoves liam james payne right into your face until you acknowledge this kind gentle bear man is actually sunshine wrapped inside muscle and softness worth cuddling



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like i want there to be a fic where zayn and liam’s mums are friends at work or something and all they ever hear is “karenson liam so polite and wonderful and good at football” or “trisha’s son zayn is so sweet and good at art” ect ect, but they go to different schools in the same city and then they meet and liam’s like what the fuck how is he real he is perfect like aphrodite or something, and zayn is all shy and quiet and liam thinks he doesn’t like him, but then zayn lets him come over and watch him draw and they start talking about comics and how much they love batman. then they get really close and kiss in liam’s kitchen and liam’s mum get’s all emotional and phones trisha to talk about it. and then liam introduces him to his best friend niall, and in turn liam meets harry and louis who are attached at the lips. louis is all sassy and gives liam shit at first, but then he likes him because he defends zayn and looks after them all, and then harry is just harry and gives liam curly cuddles and says louis is just jealous that zayn’s found someone he likes more than louis for the first time. and then they all become pally and go camping together in the holidays and liam tells zayn he loves him and it’s all emotional and then louis starts crying and says they’re “better than the notebook” and to “go and get some”. so they do. then when the summers over, they go back their separate schools and it ends with liam picking zayn up from his school and they walk home holding hands. 

(I wanted to do this in the tags but they were erased and my heart was broken so I decided to do it this way, I hope you don’t mind)

IN MY LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE there’s only one dream, one true AU and it is the one where Karen plays matchmaker.

Now listen to this.

Trishia and Karen are pals. They go to the same hairdresser and flower shop and they go to the same book club. And one day, Zayn is waiting for his mum after one of the meetings and he meets Karen. And Karen, of course, loves him straight away. He’s so polite and he laughs at his mum’s jokes and hugs her tight. He’s so sweet and nice and he’s quiet and a bit shy and Zayn reminds her, somehow, of Liam. They both got this quiet strength about them. They both look like boys still, despite being in their later 20’s.

So, of course, Karen rings her son Liam and she tries to set him up with this sensitive Adonis. But Liam is having none of it. He’s become wary of his mum’s blind date schemes. The last one left him emotionally scarred/disturbed. So Karen pouts but Liam shakes his head firmly.

Meanwhile at work, (Liam works as a lawyer in a very successful firm in London duh!), there’s this new lawyer and Liam isn’t sure about these things because his history in the matters of heart is a bit wobbly, but he’s pretty sure he’s on his way to falling in love. Like proper tits over arse in love. Zayn Malik is good, he’s suave and sexy and charming and sly while still somehow being shy and bashful. He shines so bright and Liam feels like he could bask in his glory forever. 

And he’s an exceptional lawyer which should be a good thing because Liam loves his job, he’s good at it. But Zayn has turned him into an incoherent buffoon and every one of their encounter turns into a farce where Liam just ridicules himself. He can’t speak, he keeps letting things drop to the floor. He’s constantly sweating and he’s snapping at his assistant, Niall. And things are just a big mess.

So, stressed and sleep deprived and just completely tired, Liam finally gives in, lets his mother rope him into this blind date she’s been talking about for weeks.

And so Liam gets to the restaurant and it’s Zayn who’s waiting for him. And they’re both stunned speechless and it’s super awkward at first. But then Zayn makes an offhand comment about Liam’s hands and how strange it is that they don’t seem to hold anything properly when they’re at work and yet how strong they look. It’s kind of arsholish but it makes Liam laugh. And it turns out Zayn isn’t that frightening under the candlelight.

whatever i hate this ship fuck everything good night

"Without the hair and the coat, I am sadly nothing." [x]


Bubbles appreciation post (◡‿◡✿)

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